Construction Guidelines

These Construction Guidelines shall apply to all Lot Owners, their builders, subcontractors and vendors. Any reference made herein to Owner shall also apply to the Owner’s builders, subcontractors and vendors. Every Owner shall abide by the Construction Guidelines and all other rules and regulations outlined in the Architectural Guidelines, which may be modified by the Architectural Review Board (ARB) from time to time. Failure of a builder to comply with these Guidelines may result in fines and the loss of the privilege to build within Terre Sainte. Nothing herein shall be deemed to constitute a waiver of any governmental law, ordinance, rule, code or restriction.

No tree within the community shall be removed without the prior written consent of the ARB. At a minimum, the following precautions shall be taken by the builder prior to commencing construction on a Lot.


1. Additional temporary tree protection fencing shall be placed around the perimeter “drip line” of a tree during the entire construction process.


2. No stored materials or vehicles shall be located closer than ten (10) feet from the drip line of a tree.

No construction trailers shall be placed or allowed to remain on a Lot except with the written consent of the ARB.

Construction hours shall be as follows: Monday through Friday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Saturday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.


Sunday and nationally recognized holidays: Closed

1. Speed Limit: The established speed limit within Terre Sainte must be strictly obeyed.


2. Parking: All vehicles must be parked so as to not impede traffic or damage vegetation. No vehicles shall be left on site without the prior written consent of the ARB. No vehicle shall park on or travel through any other Lot, whether vacant, under construction or developed.


3. Equipment Maintenance and Cleaning: Changing of oil of any construction equipment within the Terre Sainte community is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, concrete trucks shall not be washed out or cleaned on site except in the locations designated for this purpose by the ARB or other authorized representative of Terre Sainte.


4. Spillage: Operators of vehicles are required to see that they do not spill any damaging materials while within Terre Sainte; and, if spillage of load occurs, operators are responsible for cleaning up. Clean-ups done by Terre Sainte personnel will be billed to the responsible party. Please report any spills immediately.


5. Construction equipment may be left on site while needed but must not be kept on the street. Parking should be off streets whenever possible.

No temporary contractor signs are permitted within Terre Sainte.

An enclosed, chemically treated and regularly serviced toilet must be provided at each construction site. The toilet must be located in an inconspicuous place with the door facing away from the street and adjacent houses.

All vacant property shall be kept neat and cleared of debris and shall be well and continuously maintained in its natural condition until construction commences on the property.


Contractors are required to keep job sites clean of all trash. All lots are required to provide at least one trash container for each home under construction. The trash container shall be located no closer than ten (10) feet from the street nor located within ten (10) feet of the drip line of a tree. At the end of each day all exterior construction debris must be placed in the trash container.


Construction materials are to be neatly piled on site. There will be no stockpiling or dumping on adjacent lots or on streets.


Tall, unsightly weeds are to be routinely cut back.


The Contractor is responsible for maintaining the streets around the construction of each house free from any dirt, gravel, concrete, etc. Any material deposited on the streets shall be removed by the builder immediately. The ARB reserves the right, without notice, to clean up any significant material deposits from the streets and then charge the responsible party for any cost associated with the removal. If not promptly paid, the removal cost shall be deducted from the construction deposit. If the construction deposit is not sufficient to cover the cost then the additional amount shall be billed to the Owner as a specific assessment.

Any damage to the streets, curbs, drainage inlets, street lights, street markers or other community property shall be repaired or replaced by Terre Sainte at the sole cost and expense of the responsible owner/builder. Any damage to sidewalks or ruts on adjacent property caused by the construction of a structure, delivering of materials, equipment, utility work, or any other construction activity, shall be repaired by the Contractor. In the event that any utility is damaged, the builder shall notify Terre Sainte immediately and the cost of the repair of said damage shall be the sole responsibility of the responsible party.


If not promptly repaired or paid, any damage costs shall be deducted from the construction deposit. If the construction deposit is not sufficient to cover the cost then the additional amount shall be billed to the Owner as a specific assessment.

1. Silt Fence: Silt fence and/or other erosion control devices shall be installed around the perimeter of a lot during construction. The barrier must be maintained during the entire construction process.


2. Construction Fence: Where particularly offensive construction activities occur adjacent to a developed property or otherwise sensitive land use, the Architectural Review Board (ARB) may require the Contractor to erect a proper fence to screen that activity. The design of that fence must be approved by the ARB. Adjacent properties must be protected from wind-born dust, debris, & construction traffic by installing a temporary construction fence. Fencing should be keep intact and free of weeds during the construction process.


3. Accidents: Terre Sainte must be notified immediately of any accidents, injuries or other emergency occurrences. If any telephone, cable TV, electrical or water lines are accidently cut, it is the Contractor’s responsibility to report such an accident to Terre Sainte and the appropriate utility within 30 minutes.


4. Trash Fires on site are strictly prohibited.


5. Radios: Loud radios or other distracting noises, other than normal construction noise, will not be allowed within the community. Radios must be played at an acceptable level and shall not be used at all outside after house dry in. Do not mount speakers on vehicles or outside of homes under construction.


6. Utilities: Contractors will use only the utilities provided on the immediate site on which they are working.


7. Personnel: ONLY bona fide workers are allowed on property. Persons may drive workers to site and pick them up but must not remain on property unless they are actual employees of the Contractor. All personnel working in Terre Sainte are to ensure that they keep all areas in which they work or travel through free of discarded materials such as lunch bags and odd materials. Objects should not be thrown out of cars and trucks.


8. Pets: No contractor personnel will be permitted to bring pets on the property.