Our Story

“Terre Sainte” means holy ground, and was named by an eighth-grade student from Immaculate Conception Cathedral School by means of a school sponsored competition.


Troy Stine, the lead developer for Terre Sainte got the idea for naming the subdivision by his grandfather, who allowed nuns to name Ave Maria where he grew up in Sulphur.

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Now that his four boys attend I.C.C.S. in Lake Charles, their family was looking for a neighborhood in closer proximity to their school and church community.  Lots for sale downtown were almost non-existent, so Troy (along with partners Gary Stine and Ronnie LeBlanc) decided to develop Terre Sainte.  They modeled it after Margaret Place Historic District with sidewalk lined streets, open front porches, and diverse architecture.  They also used Audubon Park in New Orleans as inspiration for the centrally located park.

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Troy wanted to create a real “neighborhood” not as a selling point, but because he and his family will be settling down in Terre Sainte.  The big idea is that the people who live there will feel like they’re part of a real community, connected by a 1.4 acre park for gatherings, and shade covered sidewalks that link all neighborhoods together.